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 khaloiMaterial:  BambooUsable: Decorative Khaloi  is one of the most commonly used fishing accessories in Assam.It is also called Kanyamur in the local language, as it form resembles the shape of a female waist.It is a small conical shaped pitcher woven from strips of the local species of bamboo called ‘Bijuli’ . It is mostly use..


Material- WoodSize:-Height- 8inchWidth-6.5inch..


Bamboo Pen StandHight: 4 Inc..


Bamboo Pen Stand (Useable)Hight:4 inc..


Bamboo TrayUsable product..


Chepa The chepa is made of some prepared bamboo rods according to required size. These are woven in a roundish fashion with jute string or soft cane slips. A bamboo-made valve locally known as ‘par’ (Bengali) and ‘kal’ (Assamese) is fitted in the middle of the chepa to allow the fishes to enter inside with no scope for going out...


Decorative Watch..


Julki (Polo)Usable: DecorativeThe tool resembles the shape of a dome with short stem of about 6″ diameter open at the top. The diameter at the bottom varies from 2 ft-3½ ft. and even upto 4 ft. and the height varies from 2 ft. to 3 ft. It is prepared out of small bamboo strips fastened with fine and flexible cane slips. Polo is used fo..


Khul -TaalMeterial:WoodKhol is also a percussion instrument and looks very similar to dhol. The instrument is made from clay, with one end having a small head, while the other one having a larger head. It is usually played with both the hands and is strung from the neck using a band.Taal is a percussion instrument used in a pair, is made of bell me..


Rang GharMaterial-Wood,Size:Length-15inch     Height-7inch  Width-6inch      The Rang Ghar (ৰংঘৰ) , rong ghor meaning "House of Entertainment") is a two-storied building which once served as the royal sports-pavilion where Ahom kings and nobles were spectators at games like buffalo fights and other ..

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Srimanta Sankardev..


Thoga aru PuthiMaterial- WoodSize-Length-7inchHeight-6inchThoga and Puthi represent assamese culture. A must have item in every assamese people home,though it is a replica of the same..


Wooden Khundona..


Xorai (শৰাই)Material: WoodThe Xorai (Assamese: শৰাই) is a traditional symbol of Assam. In simplistic terms it is an offering tray with a stand at the bottom. There are Xorai s with or without a cover on the topUSAGE:As an offering tray for tamul-pan (betel nuts and betel leaves) to guests as a sign ..

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