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About Us is an E-Commerce business brand owned by LJAR Ecommerce Private Limited which is committed to serve the people of the country in terms of easy and user friendly shopping. Assamcart will provide an access to the Northeastern people as well as the people of all the states across the country to their indigenous, cultural and traditional product taste along with other products like, Electronics, Clothing, Decorative Products and Kitchen Stuffs online. In addition to that, our Offline Affiliate Program (OAP) through the user friendly Android Application will boost the delivery as well as the customer satisfaction in a proper manner.

Our vision is to pitchfork the traditional handlooms and other handicrafts in front of the people of the state as well as the Northeast, in their fingertips distance contributing to the Union Government’s mission of ‘Make In India’ in our own way. is an online E-Commerce business.Easy accessibility and deliverability are the two spheres along with utilizing the traditional and jingoistic sentiment are the ideals that give us an edge above all. Undoubtedly, is a growth industry with the changes we foresee, will help ameliorate in future with respect to time. We are looking forward to utilize the Virtual Reality Technology, which will help a user to visualize himself/herself easily in the fashionable product, he/she desires to buy. In addition to that our Offline Affiliate Program will boost the delivery of the product along with increasing its outreach through Android Application.

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